Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Even More to Flip For

I have written twice before about how much I love the templates at In fact, the first blog post I ever wrote was about the cool flashcards you can make from a Google Sheet when you grab the template at Then last July I wrote again about how more templates have been added. Well, here it is July, so it must be time to write about the other great tools that are available.

The template I am most excited about is the Random Name Picker. Though it sounds like it only does that, it actually is a random team maker too. You can choose from one name, a lineup of all names, or teams of up to 12 kids, or up to 12 teams. With a click of a button, they can be instantly scrambled.

There is also a spelling list maker and a mad lib generator. Click on a student's name and you can see, practice, and test on spelling words. With the mad lib generator, you see a list like the one pictured and you fill in words. Then, presto! A mad lib!

Another great template is the badge tracker. This creates a display of available badges. Then click a student's name and you can see which badges have been earned.

All of these work in the same general way. Grab the Google Sheet template from Delete the demo information and replace it with the names or questions you want to use. Publish it to the web (with a couple of clicks). Copy the link Google provides and paste it into a box. That's all there is to it!

With the addition of mad libs, spelling words, badge tracking, and team makers, there are now 8 available templates. The flashcards and quiz show remain my favorites, but this family of spreadsheet tools just keeps getting bigger and better.

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