Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Use Print My Cal to Print a Google Calendar

My students like a paper calendar. I use Google calendar and our class calendar is embedded on my website and on my Schoology page.  Every year I threaten to stop printing the paper version, but the students always ask me to do it, so then I do. This creates a bit of a hassle because Google Calendar doesn't print nicely, so I end up typing all the information into a calendar twice - once for Google, once to print.

Yesterday I tried out Print My Cal. This service allows you to print a Google calendar with some limited format choices. In the very easy process, you sign in to Google and make a couple choices for your formatting. Then choose the calendar (or calendars) you want to print and download the file to print. 

I have tried out a couple of different fonts and I haven't found exactly the right thing yet, but I think with this one

I am on the right track. It's very plain and the formatting isn't perfect, but if it means I can stop typing the calendar twice, I am happy to keep poking around to find the right mix of font and size to make it great! Thanks Print My Cal for this tool!

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