Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You'll Flip for these Cards!

Last week I taught a professional development workshop On Google Apps for educators.  I had read about Flippity Flashcards on Free Technology for Teachers and was anxious to give them a try.  Flippity flashcards use a Google Sheet template that is easy to change, so that's what we used as our spreadsheet project.  And flippity.net has a great FAQs page if you want to include pictures or images in your flashcards.  How cool is that?!  

Want to give it a try?  Go to flippity.net and grab the template.  Once you have it, it is very easy to delete the data in the cells in column A and B (but don't eliminate the words Side 1 and Side 2).  Type in your new data.  Words and definitions?  Pictures and words?  The possibilities are endless.  

After you have finished your cards, Go to the File Menu and drag down to Publish to the Web. Read through your choices on the pop-up window and decide if you want to check boxes or not. It might be a good idea to check “automatically republish when changes are made” so that if you add data, new cards will be added to the deck.

Click on Start Publishing. Near the bottom of that pop-up window is a box that you need to copy and paste into a box on the spreadsheet.

Once you do, you will get a link to go to your cards. Try them out!

Once your flashcards are ready, there is a nice set of options.  You can do them in the order you made them or in a random order.  You can quiz yourself off side 1 or side2.  In addition to flashcards, you can also make quizzes from your flashcard decks.  That is a great self-check feature!

At the end of the workshop, several people indicated that these flashcards are definitely something they hope to use next year. I am going to use them too.  Here are the element name and symbol flashcards that I made. Now that they're made, they are easy to share by providing the link to my students.  Flippity flashcards will make learning these names and symbols F-U-N (fluorine-uranium-nitrogen).

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