Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Very Cool Book Creator Update

 Book Creator is one of those apps that everyone loves.  Whenever I showcase it with teachers or students, everyone always starts dreaming about all the books they will write with this easy to use app.  Today, when I checked for app updates, I saw something very exciting -- Book Creator had an update that allows the user to export the book to video!  Excellent new option for this amazing workhorse of an app!

In a hurry to check it out, I tried it with the tutorial.  With the book selected, I tapped the export/share symbol.  Here is what I saw:

Then I selected "Export as video" and saw this screen:

I saved the video to my camera roll.  And then uploaded it to YouTube.  And here is the video that the app created:

I love the idea of turning kids' books into YouTube videos that could be shared with family and friends - or an even wider audience - as videos.  This creates a lot of possibilities for making tutorials or flipping lessons too -- build the lesson or tutorial in Book Creator and export as a video.  

This is super exciting for me because augmented reality is high on my school year to-do list this year.  With the possibility of exporting a book creator book to the camera roll, this means the video could be placed as a virtual layer onto a still image with the app Aurasma.  Create a book about anything and let it come alive with the video export and a trigger image.  I can't wait to try this in the fall!

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