Saturday, May 7, 2016

Step-by-Steps for Slides Q&A

I have been so excited this week to try out the new Slides Q&A feature in Google Slides. I saw lots of posts that announced this new feature, but haven't seen one that shows how to access it. So, since I was finally able to access today, here are step-by-step directions:

1. Open your presentation in Google Slides. In the upper right hand corner is the present button, now with a drop down arrow. Click the arrow to reveal two options: Presenter View and Present from Beginning. Choose Presenter View.

You'll see a pop-up window like this one. 

2. Click the Start new button. This creates, and provides, a link that the audience can use to submit the questions. The link shows in the pop-up window (with a toggle switch to turn questions off) and at the top of your projected slides, like this:

Meanwhile, in the audience, people follow the URL to the link. Here they will find a simple window where they can type a question, choose to ask anonymously or not, and submit the question:

When the audience remains at this link, they can also view all the questions that audience members ask and vote "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to the questions.

3. In Presenter View, the presenter can see the questions as they are asked and how other audience members have voted so questions can be prioritized.

This was really easy to do and looks like fun to use. I can't wait to try it in a live presentation!

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