Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Create PDFs from Websites with InstaWeb

Did you ever want to take the content you find on a website and turn it into a PDF? Or eliminate the clutter on a website for an easier read? Or to print it? Or maybe you want to save content from a website for a favorite school project? Today I tried an iOS app called InstaWeb to make a PDF and loved the results.

Let's say I want to take a blog post I wrote, like this one, and turn it into a handout that I can use for PD. Open InstaWeb and paste in the URL of the website.

There's a button in the lower left that gives you a reader view, with no distractions. 

This cleans up a blog post so you just see the text and images of the post without the sidebars. It makes it easier to read, like this:

Tap the button in the lower right and you make a PDF. Give it a quick title and save it to Drive or Dropbox or your favorite reader app. Then you can print it or email it.

InstaWeb is an iOS app that usually costs $2.99 but is available for FREE right now. If you like the idea of making PDFs out of websites you love, get it ASAP at this great price.

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