Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Copy an Entire Google Drive Folder

About three times a year I teach a Google basics course at Lake Erie College. When I teach the class, I share a folder of assignments and resources with the class members. I tell them that it will be shared with them until I teach the class again; then I will unshare the folder and add the new class. I tell them that they can copy anything they want from the folder, but they should probably do it during class or shortly thereafter so they don't forget before I unshare. This always raises the question "Is there an easy way to copy a whole folder in Drive?"

Until today, I thought the answer was no. Within Drive, you can't select a folder and make a copy of a whole folder. You can open a folder and select every file in the folder and make a copy of all the files, but then you have to reorganize them all. And if there are folders inside folders, you have to keep opening them and selecting all the files to make the copies. That's a huge pain in the neck!

When the question came up today, I googled it because I haven't checked for a while. When I did, I found the Copy Folder app. It has almost 5 stars out of 5 stars and has been rated by almost 1000 users. It looked pretty good so my whole class installed the app and ran it to copy my resources folder. Below is a one minute video that shows those steps:

The helpful FAQs page lists some good tips, including how to use the tool to copy folders between domains (so you can copy a folder from one Drive account to another). That is helpful at this time of year when teachers are retiring or changing jobs and students are graduating. Here is a snapshot of how to do that:

I always say that the best part of teaching the classes I teach at Lake Erie is what I learn from participating in the class. Today was no exception. I'm so glad I found this tool!

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