Monday, December 4, 2017

Quizizz: Fast, Fun, Free, Fresh

It's no secret that I am a big fan of Quizizz. In fact, I have blogged about this awesome formative assessment tool seven times, the last time almost exactly a year ago. My most popular post is a comparison of Quizizz, Kahoot, and Socrative. In October and November each year I ask my students to memorize some chemistry content. I begin each class with Quizizz to try to encourage them to work on chunks of this content little by little. 

My students always seem to enjoy playing this quiz game. They quickly become accustomed to going wight to at the beginning of each period. Our results weren't terrific as we neared the test this year, so I used Quizizz to create one last game as an optional homework assignment. I didn't even say too much about it in class. I told the students it would be there if they wanted to use it to prepare. I provided the link and PIN on our LMS. It's worth mentioning that I also provided a link to a Quizlet deck and a couple of other web tools.

I checked the data from this optional homework assignment recently and was quite surprised by what I found. Despite the fact that it was optional, and that I said very little about it class, the game was played 42 times! Several students played it multiple times. One student did it nine times! When students are willing to use an optional tool, especially multiple times, that is a testament to its engagement.

Quizizz is almost ready to debut a new look to their tool. Currently users can opt in to the new interface but the old one will go away soon. The new one boasts many advantages, including better navigation, easier searches, and improved reports. Google Classroom integration has been around for a while, but now when you create a Quizizz and assign through Google Classroom, the data will show up in Quizizz AND in Classroom. Nice!

Quizizz is also having a #NameYourAvatar contest right now on Twitter. Name one of the recently redesigned avis and you could win a gift card! 

New interface, Twitter contest, high engagement - whatever your reason, this terrific tool is worth a look today!

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