Sunday, April 19, 2015

Free Lessons in the Nearpod Content Store for Teacher Appreciation Week

I have written about how much I like using Nearpod several times before today.  Nearpod is a presentation platform combined with a student response system.  Plus, Nearpod has a  feature that allow teachers to keep tabs on whether or not students are participating in the class or checking their twitters - a small persons icon that turns red when someone leaves the herd.  This is a major plus, especially with teachers who are hesitant to try some webtools for fear that students will disappear into the internet and never look back to the day's lesson.

One of the things I like best about Nearpod is how responsive they are to the needs of teachers.  With webinars and lots of help available, a content store for ready-made lessons, and features that improve as teachers give feedback, it is obvious that they appreciate teachers.  To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, Nearpod is offering some lessons for free in their content store.  Each week between now and May 8, 6 more lessons will be added for a total of 24 free lessons!  With a variety of lessons, there is almost certainly something for everyone.  These are not typically free, so grab them while you can!

As a Nearpod author, I also have content in the store available for teachers to use.  My NPPs are free every day.  There are four in the store so far, but more are coming soon.  If you teach science, you might check these out too. 

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