Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Written Feedback Comments Come to The Answer Pad!

Do you have a favorite tool, one that you're sure couldn't possibly get any better? But then it does! That's how I am feeling about The Answer Pad today! Yesterday this already fantastic tool got a little bit better with the addition of written feedback comments.

If you haven't used The Answer Pad, let me give you a quick summary. There is a (very generous) free service and a (so reasonably priced) premium service. No matter which you have, you can use the Quick Interactive mode to start an interactive session with students. They sign in using a 5 letter code. No need for accounts if you don't want to use accounts. Then, while you teach, you send out screens for students to input answers. You don't need to do anything before the lesson except create your account and think of your questions.

Now for the good part. Kids submit answers and you can provide feedback. I wrote about the feedback loop last fall. You can give colored feedback with three colored dots and unlock the screen so students can try again. As of yesterday, you can also provide comments. I love that I can quickly add in a sentence to redirect the work so the student knows exactly where to start again!

The Answer Pad is available as a web tool and as a mobile device app. And the interactive features are only half of what it can do. You can read more about how I have used it here and here and here. I'm planning to use it at an upcoming conference to get audience feedback. Maybe you can do the same? Or try it out with summer school students. If not, keep it on your list for the fall!

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