WebTool Wows

Here are links to posts about some of my favorite webtools:

Actively Learn  Digitally attach links, videos, and questions to reading assignments with Actively Learn.  Import your own reading assignments or choose from their library.  Assign to students and assess their progress.  One of my best finds during the 2014-2015 school year.

EduCanon  Add questions and stopping points into a video.  Assign them to students.  Monitor their progress.  Easy to use!  Here is my blog post about it.

Kahoot!  Play a game in your classroom where students see questions projected and use any web-enabled device to answer.  Here is a chart comparing Kahoot, Quizizz, and Socrative.

Nearpod  Combine presentation slides with a student response system and you get Nearpod.  In addition to an easy tool, there is also a content store if you don't want to create your own materials.  I have authored several chemistry presentations that are available in the content store.  I write about Nearpod frequently - it's one of my favorites!

PearDeck  Add interactive components to your presentations with PearDeck.  PearDeck integrates nicely with Google apps.  Start with your Google Slides and you'll have a deck in no time.  Or create from scratch.  Here is my blog post about PearDeck.

Powtoon  Make your own animated videos with Powtoon.  Very easy to get started with their templates or begin from a blank canvas.  I used this great tool for Mole Day.

Quizizz  Give quizzes with ease with this tool.  Scramble questions and answers.  Students see funny memes when they get answers right and wrong.  You can even use it without an account.  Here is a chart comparing Kahoot, Quizizz, and Socrative.  Here is my post about Quizizz.

Socrative  Use this tool to give quizzes, administer exit tickets, have a space race, or ask instant questions.  Very easy to use with clean interface.  Here is a chart comparing Kahoot, Quizizz, and Socrative.

Storyboard That  Create your own comics with this webtool.  There is a free and premium account, but many (many!) customizable options in both.  Lots of teacher guides and classroom options too.  My post about it is here.

The Answer Pad  Create digital answer sheets for paper and pencil tests and quizzes or ask questions during class with many options for digital student responses.  Here is a link to my post about this tool.  TAP has one of the most generous and robust free versions I have seen in a webtool.

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