Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality?

A computer-generated media file -- audio, video, images -- plays to augment the reality of something else that is being viewed.  Often a trigger image is used to reveal the augmentation.

Teachers use augmented reality to bring lessons to life.  Whether it is to help students interact with abstract content or provide hidden reinforcement, the possibilities are endless.  With so many apps to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

Here are some iOS apps to use to augment your reality:

Amazing Space Journey (free):  Download the board and use the free app to view 3D versions of the planets.

Anatomy 101 by Zientia (free):  Download the human anatomy poster.  Interact with the skeleton, muscles, and body systems.  Available soon in the iOS app store.

AR Flashcards - Animals (free):  Download the flashcards and use the app to view the 3D animals and dinosaurs.  Tap the image to hear the name of the animal.

AR Flashcards - Space ($2.99):  Download the flashcards and use the app to view 3D models of the planets.

Augment (free):  Create a 3D model or image and then virtually lay it on top of a trigger image.  View the trigger image through the app and you can see the 3D model.  Take a look at these great examples by Jonathan Newman, a science teacher in New Mexico.  The service isn't free, but there is a generous free account for educators.

Aurasma (free):  Use this robust app to virtually lay a video from your mobile device onto a still image that triggers it.  View the trigger image through the app and the video plays.  App smash by creating video in Explain Everything or Book Creator and exporting it to your camera roll.

Chemistry 101 by Zientia ($6.90)  Download the two cards that trigger this app.  Select two elements from the periodic table and predict how they bond to form a compound.  If you are right, they do it.

Chromville (free):  Download the coloring pages.  Color them and view them through the app.  See the pictures come to life.

Disneynature (free):  Take your iPad outside and use your backyard as your trigger.  Play this augmented reality game as one of 5 animals.

Elements 4D (free):  Download the pages to make paper cubes with element symbols on each side.  View the cube through the app and the cube becomes filled with the elemental sample.  Smash two cubes together and they react to form a compound.

Enchantium by Daqri (free):  Print trigger images from inside the app.  Then play interactively with toys.  So far, you can play a musical stringed instrument or a digital version of battlebots.  More toys coming soon.

Geometry 101 by Zientia (free):  Download the trigger cards.  Use them to interact with different polygons.  Change their side length, radius, or height and see how the area or volumes are affected.

PBS Kids ShapeQuest (free):  Download the game board and view it in the app to play Patch the Path.  Match different shaped blocks to holes in the path so a wagon can travel the path.

Quiver (free):  Download the coloring pages.  Color them and view them through the app.  See the pictures come to life.  Some coloring pages must be purchased within the app.

Quiver Education ($7.99): Download the coloring pages and color them. Use the app to see them come to life. The education pages have some special features like built-in quizzes and feature educational images like plant and animal cells and maps and more. The price gives you all the coloring pages that will be offered without in-app purchases.

The Tortoise and the Hare (free):  Download the coloring pages and color them.  View them in the app and they become the characters in the story.  Read the story and watch your characters.


  1. I love augmented reality and haven't heard of a lot of these so thanks for sharing! I'm surprised you don't have Augment on here. I used it in Chemistry last week and the students really appreciated it:

    1. Thanks, Jonathan, for the suggestion. I added it to the page.

  2. There are many Augmented Reality applications available on many different platforms and there are very few boundaries as to what sort of graphics, sounds and information can be added by these applications. Augmented Reality is already being trialled in the mass media market as well being used as a tour guide, in mapping technology and for gaming.

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  4. Great list of AR Apps. I have some of these but theres a few in the list im gonna try out now!