Friday, March 25, 2016

Nearpod Author's Week

I have written about Nearpod - and how much I love it - many times before. Nearpod is a presentation platform that allows for interactive feedback activities to make lessons engaging for students and teachers. I am a Nearpod Author and Nearpod PioNear (PD Specialist). 

As an author, I have written 17 presentations that are available in the Nearpod library - some are free and some cost $3. Some of my lessons are focused on content; others - like the one pictured here - focuses on the process of science with an experiment you can do in your classroom using my provided information or your own materials. This is Nearpod Authors Week, so author's content in the store is 25% off. That's Buy 3, Get 1 Free. If you are a chemistry teacher, you might want to check out my content. If you teach something else, check out all of the amazing resources waiting for you in the content store.

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