Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Great Addition to Classkick!

Classkick is one of my favorite iOS apps for using instant feedback to guide students as they practice a new skill or process. Classkick allows teachers to create assignment slides quickly and, through a code, share them with students. As students complete the assignments, the teacher can watch them work in real time. Teachers and students can provide help and feedback. This week Classkick added a great new feature - the ability to view the assignments from any internet-enabled device.

Classkick Viewer lives on the web. Input the class code for the assignment and the name you used to complete it (or the name of a student who completed it) and you can view all the work on that assignment. 

This could be handy in a variety of ways. The most powerful is that a student can access their work after class. In my classroom, we use a class set of iPads to complete these assignments. When the students leave, their work remains behind, so I always make them write it down in the app and also on paper. Being able to view your work - and use it as a guide for your homework - means you could take notes every day in Classkick and access the work on a device later. Classkick Viewer would also allow teachers to pull up student work on a computer to project it - and discuss how one solution to a problem is similar to, different from, or better than another solution or share on a computer screen the work a student does in class at a parent-teacher conference. And, speaking of parents, if a parent had a Classkick code, he could watch his son or daughter as they complete an assignment in class or examine work after the assignment is complete. That's awesome. As a mom, I would love that kind of access.

Classkick was already a great app. I love this new feature and will showcase it with my students later this week. Maybe even without the paper safety net. Bravo, Classkick!

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