Monday, June 11, 2018

Here's what I read Jun 3-10 that was worth saving:

Capsure:  Take photos (or probably any images as jpegs) and add captions with text or audio. Share on one private board or on many boards or with the whole world. Create a timeline even. This tool has loads of educational potential! Bonus: Capsure donates a portion of profits to Alzheimers Association because they prioritize preserving memories.

Google Tour Creator: Danny Nicholson posted to his excellent blog some excellent information about using Google's Tour Creator to make a virtual reality tour. Nicholson highlights the basics about creating a tour.

Two articles that reference the 2017 NAEP (Nation's Report Card):

Are American Kids happy in school? Published in the Washington Post, this article looks at the answers to two questions (Are you happy in school? Do you feel awkward in school?) by fourth and eighth graders who took the 2017 NAEP. The data shows that eighth graders are less happy at school than fourth graders.

How do we know if ed-tech even works? Education Week reports that according to the 2017 NAEP data, US students showed little progress in math and reading. Teachers will search for a solution, probably try some educational technology, but what do we really know about its efficacy? The article concludes that districts should rigorously evaluate technologies, perhaps in pilot groups, before adopting them widely.

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