Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Year, New Calendar

Are you seeing this pop-up on your Google Calendar? Have you noticed the blue Use New Calendar button in the upper right hand corner? This week I made a screencast to highlight some of the changes in calendar:

  • The new version of calendar has more white space, so it's easier on the eyes. The dates - the part that we are looking for on a calendar - are larger, more prominent. It has a fresh look.
  • When you look at events on the calendar, you can see how you have RSVP'ed.
    • Solid color event = I am attending!
    • Solid color event with diagonal lines = Maybe I am attending.
    • Outlined event = I have not responded to the invite. 
    • Outlined and struck through text on event = I am not attending.
  • When you add an event or edit an event, you can see more information right away. Of course, you can still see date and time, but now you can also see location, guest list, what calendar the event is on, and if you are attending. You can also email the guests from the event pop-out! Click MORE OPTIONS to add attachments, a Google hangout, notifications, and more.
  • There is a drop down menu in the upper right to change the view of your calendar. Agenda view (one of my favorites, actually, for my classroom calendar) is now called Schedule.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right to access Settings. Here you can change your general settings for Calendar or click on any calendars you are using to change their settings. You can also import and export data here and add calendars.

If you'd like to take a video tour, here is my screencast. Enjoy!

Go ahead and click the blue button. Upgrade now!

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