Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Provide Web Resources with elink.io

Last night I tried out elink, a tool that allows users to curate web resources and share them as a newsletter, a web page, a link, or embedded in a page. It's VERY easy to use. Ten minutes after I signed up, I had created my first elink.

Here are the steps to creating one:

1. Click Create New and choose a layout. Some layouts are only included in the PRO version but there are several in the free version that appealed to me. 

2. Paste in a link.

3. Edit the link or upload a different image if you want.

4. When you have all the links you want, click done. Then you can add a header and publish your page. It couldn't be easier.

Today I used elink and my blog analytics to create a summary of my most popular blog posts from last year. I have embedded it below:

What I like about creating elinks is that this visual representation of weblinks is much more interesting than a boring bunch of links written as text. Have a project for your students? Providing resources? Why not do it like this? Perhaps the visual will draw students into a particular resource. It would also be great to have kids find resources and present them like this. I think elinks would also be useful as a landing page, especially for young students, to organize all of the webtools that are used in a class. In an increasingly visual society, elink.io is a great way to share resources. 

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