Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Good to Great 2: Quizizz keeps getting better and better!

I first wrote about Quizizz almost a year ago. I saw a tweet and was using the tool in class about 5 minutes later. It is about the easiest tool I have ever tried and I was able to test it out with a class without even having an account. In short, I love this tool. I reread my original post tonight and wanted to update because so many things about this great tool have gotten even better:

1.  Homework Mode - you can play/use Quizizz LIVE in class, but as of last fall, you can also assign a Quizizz for HOMEWORK. What I love about that is that you can assign it for homework, but also that you could use it in a classroom as a station and by the end of the class or day you will have data for all students without leaving a LIVE session open all day. Want to try it? Just click on the quiz title and then click on LIVE or HOMEWORK for the pin you give to students. Easy! Plus, a student can start a game at school on one device and resume it after school.

2.  Google Classroom integration - Another great addition is Google Classroom integration. After you click on the quiz title, you have the option of sharing to Google Classroom. Kids can get an assignment to play for homework or an announcement to play. They join the Quizizz with their Google accounts. Then, and this is so great, they join the game using whatever name they want, but the data gets recorded for the teacher with their Google account names. Kids get to be silly; teacher still has great data and accountability!

3.  Play-by-play action - When I tried it out last April, you could see the total number of right and wrong answers, but not now each student was doing. Now you can see both which is great whether your approach is  big picture or minute details.

4.  Review Questions - As of 2016 you can click through each question and talk about the answers and results. I used that feature in March when my students were reviewing equilibrium chemistry following a reading. It was great to explore misconceptions in the moment by reviewing the questions.

5.  Custom meme creation - I just discovered this one today. Every time I use this tool, people ask me how long it took to import all the memes. The answer - no time because they are built in to the tool. Memes are still built in to the tool, but you can also create a custom meme library. Either choose from their images and add your own text or import your own images and add text. I can't wait to try this one out. Wouldn't it be great to have memes of administrators and teachers for a building to celebrate right answers during the quiz? I think kids will love that!

It's easy to create a meme. Click the "My Memes" button. Then create a title for your meme set. Click on Correct Meme or Incorrect Meme.

Click the plus sign and a pop-up window opens. From this, you can choose an image in the tool or import your own image. Then add text and click save. Below is one I made with an image in Quizizz. The one above is a meme I made with a picture of me.

Quizizz, this meme says it all. You did great! With this many great changes (and there are more than I have listed here) in one year, I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

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