Friday, February 12, 2016

Choose a Video Clip with ClipChoose

In January I wrote about how much I enjoyed using the iOS IPEVO Whiteboard app with my students to make videos of chemistry demonstrations. I promised to share some of the best of these easy to make and annotate videos. Around the same time of that post, I read about ClipChoose, a webtool for making video polls, so I decided to share the videos using ClipChoose.

ClipChoose is a free service for creating polls based on videos. It's very easy to use. Create a quick free account to make your first poll. Then write a question and paste in the YouTube URLs of the videos you want to use in your poll. Click Submit Poll to get the link for your poll. It couldn't be simpler!

Want to see my student videos and participate in a poll about which video is best? Click here.

ClipChoose was probably not made for education, but I can see a lot of uses for it, especially when paired with the easy IPEVO Whiteboard app. Ask students to make videos that show them solving problems and create a poll to see who solved it in the best way or correct way or most unusual way. Make videos of problems being solved with one problem solved incorrectly. Ask students, in the poll, to identify the incorrectly solved problem. Some of the videos my students made had incorrect explanations and I could have asked them to identify those with ClipChoose. You can also browse other polls by categories, so maybe you can find one that would work for your students? I found a recently created poll about methods of heat transfer. I hope that ClipChoose will add an "education" category soon. A "science" category would also be great!

Which of my students' videos did you like best? Please watch and choose a clip!


  1. When I tried to watch your examples I received an error message: "Playback on other sites has been disabled by the video owner" I had to click the link "Watch on YouTube" which opened a new tab and displayed the video. Is that how it should work?

    1. No. Thanks for letting me know! I adjusted the settings now so it should play properly. Thanks so much, Daniel!