Sunday, September 28, 2014

Augmenting my Professional Development

When you read a blog post about why bloggers blog, many mention the connections they make with other educators and the way blogging helps refine their practice.  I am only ten weeks into this blog, but already I have found that to be true.

I recently posted my slides from a presentation I did on augmented reality.  Then I started a page about AR apps I like.  And I joined an AR community on G+.  Last week I had a comment from Jonathan Newman, a fellow chemistry teacher in New Mexico, who is using AR in his classroom.  He suggested that I add the app Augment to my AR page.  He included a link to his blog.  

Here's the reason I hadn't included it:  I initially thought it was beyond me.  Augment is installed on my iPad.  And my class set of iPads at school.  I have read all the materials on the Augment website.  And joked that I if I ever get it figured out, I should write some tutorials that teachers would understand.

The difference between Augment and something like Aurasma or Daqri 4D Studio is that in order to use Augment, you have to create some 3D models that you can attach to your trigger image.  In order to use this app, I have to learn to use some other thing to make the 3D models.  I know I should look at that as an opportunity, but it feels like an obstacle.

So I went to Jonathan's blog so I could see how he used it.  What I found was inspiration.  It's really cool.  If you teach chemistry, check out his version of Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment.  If you don't teach chemistry, check out the states of matter post.  I am not any closer to knowing how to use Blender or Avogadro, but my incentive is greater now.  I really want to create things like that!

What does any of this have to do with my first paragraph?  I think Jonathan found my blog through our mutual admiration of Dan Meyer's work.  He found AR resources he didn't know.  He comments on my blog; I find his blog.  And inspiration.  It all happened because we blog.

If you have been toying with blogging, I recommend it.  It's great to connect with a PLN that you get to choose!  If you are just finishing up a 30 day blogging challenge, stick with it.  Your reflections might inspire others.  If you aren't ready to blog, follow some.  I'd recommend BlogLovin' as a service that makes it easy to follow the blogs that inspire you.

And thanks to readers who have offered comments.  Keep 'em coming.

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