Saturday, August 9, 2014

Time to Augment your Reality?

Yesterday I wrote about using Nearpod, one of two of my presentations at the SPARCC Education Conference.  I also presented a session titled Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Instruction.  Augmented reality uses a trigger image of some kind to play a computer-generated media file.  Maybe looking at a picture produces a video or pointing the camera of a mobile device at a yellow flower bring a virtual butterfly into your view.  McDonald's used this with specially-designed french fry containers during the World Cup and an app called GOL!  Companies are using it for consumers to interact with products; teachers are using it to bring lessons to life.

Here are the slides from my presentation yesterday:

I have added a page to my blog about augmented reality.  I will add new blurbs about apps as I try them.  Some of them are so simple -- color a page and watch it come to life with ColAR Mix -- and others take a little more endurance -- lay a video you took on top of a still image with Aurasma, but they all get wows from students and teachers alike.  Please check back from time to time to read about the cool things that this technology brings.

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  1. Nice presentation Amy. Love seeing others using AR in the classroom. Thanks for sharing. Brad